Behind the Scenes: Progress Updates!


Still working hard to bring you some Yee-Haw beer just as soon as we can! Our malt silo is up (you may have noticed), we’re putting some final touches on the brewing equipment, and the Taproom is ready for its makeover. Check out the photos below of our progress and stay tuned for more!  

Yee-Haw Job Openings


The Yee-Haw team has been hard at work getting the brewery ready for launch. We have a small but mighty crew, and over the next few weeks we’ll be looking to add a couple new folks to the mix. For those with serious brewing chops or strong restaurant/bar management experience, we are currently reviewing candidates¬†for […]

National Beer Day


Happy National Beer Day! Every year on April 7, this great nation stops to recognize the Cullen-Harrison Act that went in to effect on this date in 1933, thus allowing people to buy, sell and drink beer again. So we raise a glass to all of you celebrating this day. Cheers!

New Yee-Haw Beer Info App!

April Fools App

April 1, 2015 — Yee-Haw is bringing you the hottest new app! Ever want to know the exact contents of your beer from the ABV to the hop variety? Need a quick way to chill your beer at the same time? Simply open our app, place your phone into a pint glass, and slowly pour […]