Our First Seasonal is Near!


  It’s our first seasonal beer — an Oktoberfest! It will be available in the Yee-Haw Taproom this weekend, and from the look on Brewmaster Brandon’s face, it’s something pretty spectacular! What is our Oktoberfest all about? It’s important to note that ours is a Märzen Oktoberfest. Märzen is the German word for March. Here’s a bit […]

It’s Yee-Haw and Bristol Baby!


Ready for a whole new experience at Bristol Motor Speedway? Yee-Haw and Bristol Motor Speedway have partnered up to bring you Yee-Haw Brewing Banks & Brews — a premium viewing area overlooking Turn 1! Introduced last August, the space includes the cushioned, open air seating and a party deck which offers guests ribcage rattling proximity to […]

Yee-Haw Knoxville!


The wait is over — Yee-Haw beer is rolling into Knoxville! To kick things off, we have launch parties scheduled around Knoxville this weekend and into next week. All four of our flagship beers — Pilsner, Pale Ale, Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale and Dunkel dark lager — will be pouring. Make sure to stop by one […]

Taproom Updates!


Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support over the past few days with the opening of our Taproom! The response has been so strong that we and our friends at White Duck are going to slightly alter our operating hours for the next couple days, limiting our open times. We will be using […]

Yee-Haw Taproom Now Open!


Have plans this weekend? Cancel them. White Duck Taco and the Yee-Haw Taproom crews are now open. Can’t wait to show you the place!

Yee-Haw Taproom Now Open!


The Yee-Haw Brewing Company Taproom is officially open. After months of meticulous renovation to the old East Tennessee and Western North Carolina (ET&WNC) train depot, the finishing touches have been completed and Yee-Haw Brewing Company is ready for all to stop by, see the place they call home and join them for a Yee-Haw beer […]

Order It Loudly!


So Tri-Cities, have you had one of our beers yet? We hope you have, but on the off chance that your answer is no, we thought we would highlight a few places where you can find Yee-Haw beer on tap. When you’re ready to gather with friends and enjoy a Yee-Haw, we encourage you to visit […]

Grab Yourself A Yee-Haw


We’ve had a visitor at the Yee-Haw Brewery the last couple days. It was Cherokee Distributing. Do you want to know what they were doing? They were picking up kegs of beer! That means that Yee-Haw beer is on its way to bars, restaurants and other local merchants within the Tri-Cities area. Right now! And […]

Yee-Haw Beer is Near!


If you’ve spent any time in Downtown Johnson City — specifically around Founder’s Park — over the last month or so, you’ve likely smelled wonderful smells in the air. That my friends, was our Brewmaster getting things under way and brewing some fine Southern beer! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re just as […]

Talking our Eighty with Brewmaster Brandon


One of the beers we have bubbling away in our tanks is our Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale — or Eighty as we call it for short. Our Eighty is a bit more of a unique style that you may not be as familiar with. With that, we thought we’d make our Brewmaster Brandon slow down for a […]