Because Yee-Haw, that’s why.

Eric and Brother

You have more than likely seen it before if you’re a Yee-haw fan, and even if you’re not, you may have seen it too. You may be asking yourself, self, what is this guy talking about? Well, stay with me, I’m headed there.  We get asked a lot about where we got our name from. The simple truth is that we got our name on a ski trip. We got it while out doing what we like, which is having fun, being ourselves, and enjoying the snow by hucking our bodies down a double black diamond in waist deep powder.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Yee-Haw as an expression of exuberance. It also has its origins in Gee Haw, meaning left and right, while driving a “Beast of Burden.” See what I did right there? If this were a scrabble game I would have gotten mad points just now. Alas, it is not, so I get no points. Back to the task at hand. What it boils down to for us is very simple. “Do it right, or don’t do it. Ask why not. When it gets hard, lean in. Because if we want to be just another brewery, if we just want to get together to have some okay beers, if we’re not here to be one of the best… we might as well quit.  So lean in. Sweat. Make the harder choices. Make it count so there are no should-have, could haves. Because Yee-Haw.” That is what it means. And that is why we want to introduce you to Eric Savage. You could say he is an ambassador of sorts for Yee-Haw.

Eric and I were introduced via the internets. He’s a good dude, and like most good dudes, he hangs out with other good dudes and dudets. So as the universe works we were destined to meet like two trains in the night. Eric contacted us about helping him with a fundraising idea he had for Make a Wish. Eric is doing what is called the Trail Blazer Challenge, a 26.5-mile hike across the TN/GA state line – with a goal to raise $2500.  The money will go towards granting wishes to children in East TN who have life-threatening medical conditions. Eric could just have easily written a check and donated money to Make a Wish, but he chose to do it by leaning in, and making it count, earning his turns so to speak. When I asked him why he wanted to do this he said I decided to do the Trailblaze Challenge for a couple of reasons. I love the idea of taking my passion for the outdoors and putting it to a test with an endurance challenge. Secondly, and most important would be to give back to families in need. Having a little brother with Down Syndrome that had two open heart surgeries in his first two years of life has made me appreciate organizations that love and care for kids and families during tough times. Although we weren’t recipients of a wish, I’m excited to play a part in seeing families receive one.”


That right there says it all. It’s what lies at the heart of who we are and why we’re proud to support Eric. It’s not always about having fun, sometimes it’s about doing what you know is the right thing to do. Because if it were easy, everybody would do it. Because Yee-Haw, that why. Because we are proud to call East Tennessee home. You don’t need me to tell you that there is a lot of crazy crap going on in the world right now. It just feels good to do some good. So, come on out August 5th to Trailhead Tavern and raise a pint for Eric and his brave little brother Dustin. Raise a pint and help grant a wish. Here’s to you Eric, and Yee-Haw. Look for his event on Facebook and come join us.


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