Brewer Ben Answers the Tough Questions


While what goes IN your beer is an important aspect of brewing, there are a number of people who will argue that the men/women behind the scenes are the most important thing. After chatting with Brewmaster Brandon and Brewer Cris, we sat down with Brewer Ben to pick his brain on a few topics.

In short — Ben C. (not to be confused with Ben R.) embodies the Yee-Haw lifestyle. He’ll tell you that life is too short to not be having fun. He likes to laugh, go fast, hike and bike, and jump out of planes(!). Oh, and brew beer. But mostly go fast. He’ll show you the way of the brewing world and his work hard, play hard philosphy.

How did you get your start in brewing? I got my start at Rocky River Brewing Co. in 2000 under Brewmaster Ron Downer. 

What’s your beer philosophy? There is always more to learn in this industry. Don’t stop asking questions.

What’s the most important thing to remember when making beer? Take your time, take pride in it, and don’t screw up!!

What is the best learning experience you’ve had in the brewing industry? Being part of the sale and breakdown of one brewery while having the opportunity to be involved in the setup of another.

Best tip for home brewers? Clean Clean Clean! Take your time! If you mess up don’t sweat it. Learn from it and make the next one better. 

If you’re not drinking Yee-Haw, what are you reaching for? Seasonal beers. Or something I haven’t had before. 

Who is your beer mentor? Brandon [Greenwood]

What’s the best music to brew to? All music is good. Long hours in the brewery so I like to change it up. By the looks of me you wouldn’t think Gangsta Rap would be in there. You would be wrong.

What beer would you like to make but have not? I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at some sours.

What’s your biggest accomplishment/proudest moment? I was the youngest person in the US to be certified to produce Bungee cords.

Do people really get any wiser as they get older? Yes they do!

For what conspiracy do you secretly hold beliefs? Kangaroos are trying to take over the world! Who knows what they are holding in those pouches of theirs. Not to be trusted. You’ve been warned.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever been? Costa Rica or Rome

Invisibility or flight? Flight
Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas
Draft, bottle, or can? Draft
Eat in or eat out? Eat in
Robocop or Terminator? Terminator

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