Introducing Someone to Craft Beer


You love beer. You love CRAFT beer, specifically. Otherwise you wouldn’t be spending 3 minutes of your life reading this blog. You also enjoy talking about beer and introducing your friends to the brews and breweries you enjoy most. But have you ever received a negative reaction from those who you were sure would love these […]

Chattanooga! Launch Time is Here.


Here’s your shot to claim you were one of the first in town to try out some Yee-Haw beer! Check out our list of upcoming launch events below. Come say hi to Yee-Haw Sam and some more of the crew, have a chance to grab some swag, and most importantly drink some Yee-Haw beer! We’ll be […]

Rhythm N’ Blooms Game Nights!


As the proud Presenter of Rhythm N’ Blooms, we’re counting down the days to the festival in Knoxville, April 8-10! Mutemath, Robert Randolph, The Mavericks and over 30 more artists? Yes please. All while drinking Yee-Haw? Even better. To get ready for the festival, Rhythm N’ Blooms is kicking off a series of public Game Nights! This […]

Yee-Haw in Chattanooga!


Attention Chattanooga! Yee-Haw is headed your way. Well Chattanooga, we must say you’re pretty incredible. We’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know you, and forgive us for being forward, but we like you. Like, REALLY like you. We don’t think we’re speaking too soon to say we are going to have some great times together. You […]

Brewer Ben Answers the Tough Questions


While what goes IN your beer is an important aspect of brewing, there are a number of people who will argue that the men/women behind the scenes are the most important thing. After chatting with Brewmaster Brandon and Brewer Cris, we sat down with Brewer Ben to pick his brain on a few topics. In short — […]

Virginia is for Lovers…of Beer!


Yee-Haw is on the move! Starting today, our distribution will be expanding across state lines into Southwest Virginia. We’re partnering up with our new friends, Blue Ridge Beverage’s Abingdon division, so you can Order it Loudly! in Bristol and other SW Virginia areas. Food City will have our beer on the shelves in the area any day […]

Top 10 Hikes in the Smokies


With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to start getting back to the outdoor playground that we call the Great Smoky Mountains. It is arguably one of the greatest hiking destinations in the United States. And it’s right in our backyard! So to get you ready for an epic Summer, our friends at Roots Rated have compiled […]

Q&A with Brewer Cris


Meet Cris. Thats C R I S, not Chris. Our own Milwaukee’s best, Cris is one of our brewers and a man of many talents. Beyond being a damn good brewer and beer encyclopedia, he also plays seven musical instruments. Mind. Blown. Intrigued by the mysterious Cris? We’ve got you covered. We pulled him away between […]

Bijou Theatre Draft Beer!


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of live music, wrapped up in a delicious craft beer. Not just any live music. And not just any craft beer. We’re talking the amazing aural experience of the Bijou Theatre, and the craft-beer-awesomeness of Yee-Haw Brewing Co. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, starting this week you’ll now be […]

Recycle Those Koozies!


Beer koozies. You, like me, are likely to have tens, if not hundreds of them floating around your house/apartment/abode. They’re everywhere! And when you get your hands on a cool Yee-Haw koozie what will you do with your old ones? Well instead of throwing them out, the cool kids over at Paste have some really useful […]