Chattanooga Events This Week!

Three pint nights to choose from, all featuring the one and only, Yee-Haw Sam. Come hang out and drink some delicious brews!

Tennessee Tuesday Pint Night @ Heaven and Ale

Tuesday, May 17 • 5-8PM
Your first chance of the week at a Yee-Haw Sam sighting! Free pint glass and a chance at some swag when you grab a Yee-Haw. You’ll have your pick of Yee-Haw beers to choose from: the newly award-winning Dunkel, Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale, our spring seasonal Maibock, or the ever reliable Pale Ale.

Yee-Haw Pint Night @ Slicks Burgers

Wednesday, May 18 • 5-8PM
Pint Night! Will also have the Folk School of Chattanooga there playing some bluegrass. Yee-Haw!

Yee-Haw Pint Night @ Chattanooga Billiard Club

Thursday, May 19 • 7-9PM
Pint night featuring the Dunkel and Pilsner. Come challenge Sam to some pool, and if you beat him tell him we said to buy you a beer.

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