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YeeHaw Brewing
YeeHaw Brewing
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Yee-Haw Johnson City
126 Buffalo Street
Johnson City, TN 37604

frequently asked questions


How can I get my hands on some Yee-Haw?

Yee-Haw currently distributes in East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We’re growing rapidly and will be expanding our distribution soon so keep an eye out!

What Kind Of Beer Do You Brew?

Damn good beer. To be a little more specific, we brew both ales and lagers, year-rounds and seasonals, and high gravity. Our specialty being our World Beer Cup Award-Winning Dunkel. Check out our beers page for more!

What role does malt play in your beer?

Malted barley is the backbone of beer flavor. The geographic region where the barley is grown and the manner in which it is malted significantly impacts the flavor that it will impart in the beer. Our malted barley comes from the Northeast of England, which many consider to be the best growing region in the world for malting barley.

Where do you get your water?

Our beers are brewed using cold Appalachian water. What else would we use?

Is bitter beer face a real condition?

Not with Yee-Haw beers!

Why East Tennessee?

Why not? There’s so much to love about East Tennessee. Beautiful landscape, great culture, and amazing people. And quite simply for most of us…it’s home.

If I yell "Yeee-Haaaaw!" Will a beer magically appear in front of me?

Worth a shot, however your chances might be a little better if you are standing in front of a bartender or you’re at one of our Events.