The Countdown Is On!


Watch the LIVE STREAM here!

With the conclusion of the NASCAR Night Race, we now turn our attention to “College Football’s Largest Ever” game, the Battle at Bristol! As the Official Craft Beer of Bristol Motor Speedway, we must say we can no longer contain our excitement for this HUGE football game! We’ll be on-site at the game with limited edition merchandise, games and, of course, BEER as we cheer on our favorite team* with a Yee-Haw!

Bristol Motor Speedway also has a super-rad LIVE STREAM of the field construction on their site. Click over and keep up with the progress, and we’ll see you at the Battle At Bristol!


* We’re not really supposed to play favorites, but we ARE an East TN craft brewery. And there’s only one team from East TN playing in this game. We’ll let you figure out who we’re rooting for.

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