Dunkel Praise from All About Beer Magazine!


When the Ray Daniels, founder and director of the Cicerone Certification Program, and John Holl, editor of All About Beer Magazine give you a good review, it’s a good day. We’d throw down some Dunkels, ribs and burgers with these guys any time.

All About Beer Magazine, September 2016 Issue:
Daniels: Tasting this I get a picture of a rich chocolate cream pie with toasted coconut lavished on the top. An amazingly rich and robust chocolate palate with a heavy dose of the toasted coconut, but never fear, it isn’t sweet. Instead it slides into a spicy tang to finish with notes of arugula or other bitter greens to keep it balanced. This will throw down with barbecue of all sorts, but┬áribs would be my first choice.

Holl: In a hop-dominated beer world, it’s refreshing to inhale from the glass of garnet-hued lager. Aromas of sweet pipe tobacco in a leather pouch are dominate with flavors of black cherry and dark fig. A metallic hint emerges, briefly, after each sip, before it finishes out semi-dry. With a lighter than expected mouthfeel, it’s quite refreshing. Pull right from an icy cooler in the backyard and pair with a burger straight from the grill.


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