Grab Yourself A Yee-Haw


We’ve had a visitor at the Yee-Haw Brewery the last couple days. It was Cherokee Distributing.

Do you want to know what they were doing? They were picking up kegs of beer!

That means that Yee-Haw beer is on its way to bars, restaurants and other local merchants within the Tri-Cities area. Right now! And that means that you will see Yee-Haw tap handles popping up very, very soon. The time is here for you to enjoy a fine Southern beer with your friends and family!

Want to be one of the first to taste a Yee-Haw beer? Check out our Find Our Beer page to see a list of locations. Each of these locations are receiving beer deliveries over the next couple days and should be serving Yee-Haw soon!

Remember — Order it Loudly! Yee-Haw!

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