Introducing Someone to Craft Beer


You love beer. You love CRAFT beer, specifically. Otherwise you wouldn’t be spending 3 minutes of your life reading this blog. You also enjoy talking about beer and introducing your friends to the brews and breweries you enjoy most. But have you ever received a negative reaction from those who you were sure would love these beers as much as you? We’ve all been there, trust us. We all have those  friends that refuse to even entertain the idea of putting a finely crafted Dunkel to their lips. But what gives?! Well the folks at set out to solve that riddle, and shed some light on how we can all help the continued growth of our favorite craft breweries. They came up with the 3 Biggest Mistakes When Introducing Someone To Craft Beer:

  1. Over Geeking it – “If the introduction comes off as pretentious, that could turn someone off.”
  2. Starting with Your Favorite IPA – “It’s vital to educate new customers that many craft beer styles do not have a hop heavy taste profile.”
  3. Forgetting to Share the Powerful Story of Craft Beer – “The power of craft lies in promoting the individuality and story of the neighborhood craft brewery to new drinkers.”

These are some really great tips to keep in mind, and the article goes in to much more depth on each “mistake,” so head over and give it a read (it’s well worth it). If you’re specifically looking to introduce one of these non-craft folks to one of our great brews, we recommend starting with the Eighty. It’s decidedly smooth with the slightest bit of sweetness. And while it’s darker in color, it’s actually our “lightest” beer in terms of ABV.

As JFK said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” So get out there and spread your love of craft beer while keeping in mind these three important tips. The craft beer world (and Yee-Haw) thanks you!

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