Lagers are HOT


Almost a year ago we wrote one of our first entries here on this blog and brought you “7 Things To Know” about Pilsner. At the time we were just beginning the construction of our brewery and figuring out which beers we wanted to brew. While we had many different ideas and directions, we knew that we HAD to brew at least a couple lagers (Pilsner/Dunkel). Both are relatively under-appreciated in a craft world dominated by IPA’s, but our Brewmaster felt the almighty lager was poised to make a comeback.

And it seems some other folks in the craft world are on the same page as us. The good people at All About Beer Magazine have recently proclaimed that lagers are “The Hottest New Thing.” Now before you start sounding off about how there’s nothing “new” about lagers (we know it’s a very traditional style), head over and read their great article on the topic. Are lagers poised to be craft beer’s “Next IPA?” That’s for you to decide. Give our Pilsner and Dunkel a try and let us know what you think!


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