On the Hunt for Oktoberfest 6-Packs


We’ve recently been asked (over and over) “Where can I find the Oktoberfest in 6-packs?!” Rest assured, you’re not alone in the hunt for this delicious brew. We’ve received no less than 10,000* requests from you fine folks trying to track down this beer. So the below link is our best attempt to bring the information to the masses. Click below to open the map and find the closest place to you.

>>> Oktoberfest Package Map <<<

And here’s what you’re looking for…


Now before you run out the door and head to the store, we must let you know that this is the most up-to-date information that we can get our hands on.** That being said, it may not be 100% accurate for a number of reasons. Some locations may have already sold out. Some locations may not have stocked it on the floor yet. Some locations may be hoarding it for their own personal enjoyment. Who knows?! Also know that in some grocery stores, the Oktoberfest might not be in with the cold beer yet. You may have to check the warm beer section (as in a couple of the below images…).

imag1006 imag1009 imag1016

If you don’t see it at a location on the map please ask a store manager before you come back here and yell at us (we really don’t like to be yelled at, unless it’s a hearty “YEE-HAW!”). If you still can’t find it, then please let us know so that we can contact the store and verify, as well as update our map.

In all seriousness, we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for this seasonal beer. We couldn’t do any of this rad stuff without your support! And guess what…we’re a little over a month away from our NEXT seasonal hitting the shelves. Get excited!

*Number slightly exaggerated, because it’s just funny.
**Map updated on 9/30/16

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