Our First Seasonal is Near!



It’s our first seasonal beer — an Oktoberfest!

It will be available in the Yee-Haw Taproom this weekend, and from the look on Brewmaster Brandon’s face, it’s something pretty spectacular!

What is our Oktoberfest all about? It’s important to note that ours is a Märzen Oktoberfest. Märzen is the German word for March. Here’s a bit of a history lesson:

Back in the 16th century, there was an ordinance in Bavaria (where this beer originated) that stated beer could only be brewed between September 29th through April 23rd. This style of beer was brewed in March following a special recipe that would allow the beer to last through the “forbidden” period. Whatever was left over was then served at Oktoberfest, a 16-day folk festival that ends on the first Sunday of October.

This style of beer features a higher percentage of malt compared to other options — Munich malt to be exact. The flavors are clean, with a toasty and bready malt flavor. As for hop bitterness, it’s moderate, but the hop flavor is minimal at best. It’s just enough to balance the malt so the finish does not seem sweet, but rather dry.

Stop by the Yee-Haw Taproom to be one of the first to try our Oktoberfest this weekend! And make sure to look for the tap handle popping up around town at your favorite bars and restaurants over the next week or two.



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