Outdoor Weekend Guide to Johnson City


Like most cities across this great nation, there are a multitude of unique things to see and do in Johnson City. Unlike all those other cities, Johnson City is the foundation on which we’ve built Yee-Haw Brewing Co. It’s where we’ve transformed a railway station from the 1800’s in to a modern brewing facility. And it’s where we, and RootsRated, think you should come and spend an outdoor weekend! Head over to their website and check out their “Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Weekend in Johnson City.” Of course Yee-Haw is on their list, but so are many other incredible places worthy of your time.

From coffeehouses to pizza places to hiking trails to breweries (and MUCH MORE!), Johnson City has just the right amount of small town feel to combine with big city adventures. Start planning your trip today and be sure to come by and give us a “Yee-Haw!”

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