Pokémon and Pints!


We wanted to resist it, but we just can’t. We’re not sure we still fully understand it, but we’re going with it. POKÉMON!

This Sunday, July 24 from 1PM-4PM we are having an officially unofficial Pokémon Go day in and around the Taproom. We’re setting up Yee-Haw tents and dropping those valuable Lures at Pokéstops in Founders Park. While supplies last, you’ll be able to grab some Yee-Haw goodies to power up your real life game in addition to your Poké Balls.

At each stop players can also grab an enter-to-win slip. Fill it out and turn it in inside the Taproom before 4:00PM and you’ll have a chance to win a Poké prize pack including a shirt, hat, and $25 Taproom gift card.

Ready…GO. Just please be sure to look up occasionally.

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