Recycle Those Koozies!


Beer koozies. You, like me, are likely to have tens, if not hundreds of them floating around your house/apartment/abode. They’re everywhere! And when you get your hands on a cool Yee-Haw koozie what will you do with your old ones? Well instead of throwing them out, the cool kids over at Paste have some really useful tips on upcycling those koozies. Their article “Koozie Hacks: Upcycling Your Beer Koozies” points out some different and unique ways to take advantage of the multitude of koozies around your house.

Our favorite tip of theirs has to be #3: Bike Gloves! Can you imagine hitting the trails with a sweet beer koozie gripping the handlebars? Give it a shot and let us know how it works out! You have any other ideas they haven’t mentioned? Send our way via social media!

Koozie Bike
Photo Cred: Paste Magazine

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