Sehr Gut! (Very good!)


It’s a what? A Dunkel. A what-EL? A Dunkel.

For those who haven’t given it a shot, our Dunkel (or Slam Dunkel as we call it internally) is quickly rising in the ranks of favorite Yee-Haw beers. Given that a Dunkel is a lesser known style, we thought it could use a little longer introduction.

Most simply, Dunkel is a German word meaning dark. As the predecessor for German lagers of today, Dunkel’s history goes back quite a ways. It was the first beer to be regulated by the Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516, and thus became Germany’s first standardized lager beer style. Lagers have evolved in many ways since then, but it started with the Dunkel.

Our Brewmaster Brandon’s brewing career also started in a way with the Dunkel. While traveling around Europe years ago he enjoyed a beer in an ancient brewpub in Prague that reminded him of “warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.” The experience was a turning point for him, leading him to step away from his career in organic chemistry and to go back to school for brewing. Our Dunkel is his ode to that beer.

Yee-Haw brewers Cris and Ben are big fans of German lagers too. You’ll find them on the top of the list of their favorite styles of beer.

Now don’t be fooled by its dark hue. Rich, deep and complex, our Munich Dunkel is many things, but heavy isn’t one of them. It is surprisingly light and refreshing, and comes in at only a 5.5% ABV. Take the time to savor it slowly and you’ll find flavors of biscuits, cocoa and caramel. There’s almost a taste of bitter baker’s chocolate there. It’s not too hoppy and not too sweet. It’s just a straightforward great beer.

Head over to our Find Our Beer page for a list of places that carry Yee-Haw. Give ’em a call to see if they have the Dunkel on tap. Sehr Gut! Yee-Haw!

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