Talking our Eighty with Brewmaster Brandon


One of the beers we have bubbling away in our tanks is our Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale — or Eighty as we call it for short. Our Eighty is a bit more of a unique style that you may not be as familiar with. With that, we thought we’d make our Brewmaster Brandon slow down for a minute and have him answer some questions for you.

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Isn’t a shilling a form of currency? How does that relate to this style of beer?

Brandon: Yep, a shilling is a form of currency. But it also does have a place in beer history. Back in 19th century, shilling categories (how the beer was labeled) were based on price charged per barrel of beer. Better quality or stronger beers would cost more. This naming convention was never formalized, but is still used today to identify the strength of the beer.

So Yee-Haw has an Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale. What does that mean?

Brandon: An Eighty Shilling is a bit stronger compared to a 60 or a 70. BUT! That is compared to other Scottish Ales. Our Eighty Shilling has an ABV of 5%. Totally drinkable, totally approachable and you’ll likely be able to enjoy more than one.

Is this beer going to overwhelm me with hops?

Brandon: Hops are not center stage. This beer traditionally reflects indigenous ingredients. That means that less hops are used. Hops were not indigenous to Scotland and had to be imported, and so less hops were used compared to English options.

So what can I expect when I drink this beer?

Brandon: This beer is about balance. You’ll find flavors of caramel and toffee from the malt, balanced by a hint of hop bitterness to finish smoothly.

There you have it. Straight from our Brewmaster’s mouth.

Beyond it being great beer plain and simple, why should you give our Eighty a try? For one — Our Brewmaster not only knows about Scottish Ale, but he knows HOW to brew a mean Scottish Ale. He went to brewing school at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked at two of the top breweries in Scotland after he graduated — Caledonian Brewing Company and Scottish & Newcastle. No better hands on training. Finally? His Scottish Ale won a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The guy knows what he’s doing.

Keep an eye out for Yee-Haw Eighty and remember to order it loudly!

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