Throwin’ It Back


Study the past if you would define the future. – Confucius

The great Confucius said it best. As we look to define Yee-Haw in the future, as well as help to define the world of beer as a whole, we should first look to the past. With this in mind, if we had to pick one word to best describe our flagship brews it would be “traditional.” Traditional styles learned and perfected through the years by our Brewmaster. Our four core beers (Pilsner, Eighty, Dunkel and Pale Ale) highlight our Brewmaster’s style and prove beyond a doubt that he has indeed studied the past!


Studying the past, however, not only pertains to that of brewing, but also the great history held in the town where we’ve planted our roots: Johnson City, TN! A true crossroads of the South, this town blossomed with the rise of the railroads back in the 1800’s. A great, in-depth look at this history can be found here. To summarize, this town is FULL of awesome facts and figures that helped to transform the future. Seriously, spend some time at that link and you’ll learn more about railroads and Johnson City than you ever could have imagined.  old-new-old

Speaking of railroads, it should be well-known by now that our building is the old Tweetsie Depot; home of the ET&WNC Railroad. When creating the Yee-Haw brand, we studied this great building’s past and it is definitely helping to define our future. We combed through countless old photos in order to restore this depot to its former glory. Check out some of the cool pics below that showcase the past vs the present, and then come visit us and take a tour of this great building. Yee-Haw!

old-new-2 old-new-1old-new-3


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