What’s a Pilsner? 7 Things to Know

One of the most drinkable beers you’ll find, a Pilsner is a light lager that’s often (or should be) crisp, refreshing & golden. With a lower ABV and a balanced taste profile that’s not meant to overwhelm, Pilsners make for great session beers and chances are you’ll want to have more than just one.
Want to dive deeper? Here are 7 things to know about Pilsners and how they are brewed:
1) The Pilsner is named for its roots. The Pilsner (Pils) originated in the the Czechoslovakian city of Plzen in 1842.
2) Don’t be fooled — A Pilsner is not an easy beer to make. The Pils is a delicately flavored beer style and as such, requires more attention to quality and detail. There’s no place to hide flaws here.
3) When it comes to the water, the softer the better. Water plays an important role. The softer the water the better as it helps impart that all important balance between malt and hops typical of any good Pils.
4) Cold and slow is the way to go. Pils typically ferment 20°F colder than ales and require 3 times the maturation time. In all, a Pils’ total brewing time is 28-30 days, with 21 days maturation.
5) The brewing method can vary, but only with care. This one is for you high level beer geeks. The brewing method for a Pils is typically decoction or upward step infusion; however, a single step infusion can yield a good Pils assuming a properly modified malt is used.
And for those who just want to know when and where to drink it…
6) A great Pilsner pairs well with just about anything. Perfect for a warm day, the refreshing and balanced nature of a Pilsner lends it to go with just about any food and any setting. Not an attention hog, it is a go-to, reliable beer that will definitely make you say “Yee-Haw”!
7) Your new favorite Pilsner is available now. Our Yee-Haw Pilsner is one of our flagship beers and is available on tap now. We can’t wait to share one with you…Order it loudly!
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