Yee-Haw Brings Home a Medal at the World Beer Cup!


There are beer competitions, and then there are BEER COMPETITIONS. Last night, Yee-Haw was honored to have the Yee-Haw Dunkel take home a medal at one of the big ones.

The craft brewing world converged this week at the Craft Brewers Conference, the annual gathering presented by the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s small and independent craft brewers.

The week culminated last night with the World Beer Cup, one of the largest commercial beer competitions to date.

This edition of the World Beer Cup saw 6,596 beers from 1,907 breweries representing 55 countries. Entries were judged by an elite international panel of 253 judges from 31 countries. Judges awarded 287 awards, reflecting the chance for one gold, one silver and one bronze award in each of 96 beer style categories.

This was the first beer competition Yee-Haw has entered, and we are excited to say we are 1 for 1. The Dunkel took home the bronze for European-Style Dark/Muenchner Dunkel.

Huge congrats to our Brewmaster Brandon Greenwood and the entire Yee-Haw brewery crew. You guys deserve it! And just as Brandon said, “Thanks everyone….we’re just getting started!”

Check out the full list of winners here. Big congrats to our fellow East Tennessee brewery Blackberry Farm for taking home a medal as well! Pretty cool to see all the medals awarded to Tennessee breweries heading home to East Tennessee.

(Photo © Brewers Association)
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