Yee-Haw Coloring Book


Sometimes being an adult is awesome. Among other radical things, you get to drink beer! At other times, however, we all look back on our childhood and think “man, what I would give to live just one more day as care-free kid.” Well Yee-Haw is here to answer that childhood call with our very own Coloring and Activity book!


When the stresses of adulthood get the best of you, take a break and color in some of your favorite brews and scenes from the brewery. Do you imagine your brewer in purple garb? Bottling with flowers in their hair? Does he (or she) actually have a face tat? Color it in! You are only limited by your creativity.

So go crazy. Make the Maibock blue and the Dunkel a wonderful shade of green. Just don’t tell Brewmaster Brandon. Shhhhh!

The Yee-Haw Coloring and Activity book will be released soon (maybe, maybe not), but for now here’s a downloadable PDF of one page to color in. There’s even a secret surprise on it… Have fun, kids!

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