Yee-Haw Welcomes White Duck Taco


Yee-Haw officially has a new neighbor! Asheville-based White Duck Taco will be taking up residence in the Tweetsie Depot alongside the Yee-Haw taproom & production facility.

White Duck Taco has seen tremendous success in its previous locations in Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC, even garnering national attention and admiration from food critics and travel writers alike.

“We’re excited about Johnson City,” owner Ben Mixson said. “It’s a great building and a great spot, and for us, it’s a good fit, because it’s only about an hour away from Asheville organizationally.”

The all a la carte menu of the White Duck brings Caribbean, Asian and American influences together, producing what Mixson described as “global fusion of tacos.”

From the White Duck loft, to the Yee-Haw outdoor patios, guests will be able to settle in and enjoy the tasty delights wherever they like. Both the Yee-Haw taproom & White Duck Taco are slated to open this summer.

Cheers to great tacos & great beers! Yee-Haw!

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