YEE-HAW! Bring on the bottle brown, baby! If you dig the dark but skip the slog through heavy stouts, meet your new beer-friend. If chocolate and beer had a baby, they’d name it Dunkel. Rich, deep and complex, our Dunkel is many things, but heavy isn’t one of them. This Award-Winning, classic German style lager is the beer that started it all for our brewery. Take the time to savor it slowly and you’ll find flavors of biscuits, cocoa and caramel. Don’t be afraid of the dark.


25-30 IBUs
Munich Dunkel
Availability: Year Round

Where to find Dunkel?

  • Yee-Haw beer is currently available in select retail stores in middle and east Tennessee, the western part of Virginia (Abingdon area), and Greenville, SC. You can also purchase to-go beer at our taproom locations in Nashville, TN, Pigeon Forge, TN,  Johnson City, TN, and Greenville, SC.
  • We do not sell kegs out of our taprooms. If you live in one of our distribution areas, there are many off-premise retail locations through which you can order a Yee-Haw keg.
  • We cannot ship our beer at this time. Sorry!

Beer Pairing

Rich, deep and complex, but not heavy, this Award-Winning, classic German style lager has flavors of biscuits, cocoa and caramel. Pairs best with hearty, spicy foods such as roast beef and pork barbecue.