1. Smooth as Cousin Glenn’s Scottish Accent

  • She’s our Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale. We call her 80 for short. Aye, she’s balanced indeed, but the malt has a wee bit of an edge.

2. Notes of Caramel and Toffee; Not Hoppy!

  • Fans of the well-heralded red ales of yore, here’s your beer. Pleasing international crowds for years. Ready to please yours.

3. Think Beards, Swords, Shields,
Kilts…and Afterparties.

  • Conclude your long days of battle…with a properly satisfying red ale. This is no pale, weak contender for the Scotch Ale crown. Certainly not.
Yee-Haw Eighty


Decidedly malt-driven, this 5%, ~25-IBU Scottish ale is a caramel-and-toffee-tinged excursion into familiar red-ale territory, albeit one astride a delightfully subtle thread of hop bitterness.

5.0% 20-25 IBUs Scottish Export 80 Shilling

Availability: Year Round

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What’s Brewing?

Eighty is available all year.

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