1. Hop on the Crisp Train to Creamy Town

  • Some like it light, but it better be good. This one is. This German lager delivers the clear and the bubbly AND the hop flavor.

2. Perfect for Outdoor Sessions, Sweaty Summers or Downshifting from IPA

  • Sometimes you want to keep it light and creamy. Golden cans of great joy, delivering happiness, daily.

3. Perfectly Paired with Your Charcuterie Platter, or Backyard Horseshoes.

  • On the boat, at the BBQ or out on the town, this one goes the distance. If versatility is a virtue, meet your any-occasion beer.


A mainstay of traditional, albeit lighter, German styles, this crisp and refreshing lager folds a hint of hops into a clear beer with a slight, if creamy head, for an ideal summer session experience.

4.7% 23 IBUs Kölsch

Availability: Year Round

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What’s Brewing?

Kölsch is available all year.

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