Do you ever have those moments where you keep seeing the same person over and over? Those moments where you keep ending up at all the same cool stuff, doing all the same things, and finally asking yourself, Self, I should introduce myself to this person, we seem to like a lot of the same shit, so I bet they are pretty rad. This is where Jerry comes in.

World, meet Jerry Greer. Jerry was born in Marion, VA, and moved to the Tri Cities in 1999 from Colorado Springs, Colorado. For 25 years he has worked as an environmental, conservation, and outdoor adventure photographer. He’s also a book publisher. With the changing times he can now be found working mostly in the commercial and industrial construction industry and is the current President of SORBA Tri Cities. Before that he worked in the outdoor industry, raced mountain bikes, and ran the grassroots mountain bike team sponsored by Schwinn and Grand West Outfitters in Colorado. He is also a US Army Veteran and served during Desert Storm. When he’s not working or ripping single track trails, he can be found at home with his lovely wife and daughter doing dad things. Yee-Haw!

Jerry was literally our very first customer. I first noticed him because he was riding a really awesome mountain bike, and he kept saying how much he loved our Pale Ale. Jerry, believe it or not, is one of the reasons we made our IPA. He kept asking us if we were ever going to make one and I think his persistent nagging finally got into our heads. Jerry is the kind of guy we can really relate to. He loves his town, he believes in community, he is working to make a positive change for his neighbors, and he is doing it all in his free time. We sat down with Jerry to find out what he has been up to and what he’s helping to create right here in our own backyard.

YH: Can you tell us about the current Bike project that Sorba (Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association) Tri Cities is working on?

JG: We are working on 3 projects.  #1 – Tannery Knobs Bike Park which is now under construction with IMBA Trail Solutions on the ground and digging as we speak.   #2 – Winged Deer City Park Bike Trails – SORBA TC is currently building this system and we are about 35% complete.   #3 – Top Secret! We’ll release this info soon.

YH: I’ll trade you some beer for some top-secret info…

JG: Sorry, lips are sealed.

YH: Why is it important for our city?

JG: This question is really two sided, one is the positive economic impacts of mountain biking tourism and the other is our city’s desire to offer its current and future residents viable outdoor recreation. The power of health and wellness is starting to take hold in a really positive way.

YH: I’ve heard that if you come to Tri Cities SORBA work day, you might get a free Yee-Haw beer?

JG: You’ll just have to show up to find out.

YH: It doesn’t hurt that the new bike park is right outside of downtown either…

JG: Nope!

YH: Living in Knoxville I’ve seen firsthand how a great trail system can do an incredible amount of good for your local community. It’s super exciting to see these trails being built. I can’t wait to bring my bike up and rip some trail with you guys. On that note, what are you riding these days?

JG: My brand-new trail weapon is a Transition Smuggler…full squish with 11 gears and wagon wheels.

YH: Baller! What is your favorite YH beer?

JG: Big Hoppa!

YH: Who is your favorite superhero?

JG: Batman. He’d look really cool riding a mountain bike.

YH: No doubt! Well thanks for taking the time to chat. It’s good to see you. Keep the rubber side down!

As you can see, Jerry is a pretty rad dude, and I never would have met him if I didn’t introduce myself and say hi. Great things can happen when you sit down and take the time to get to know someone over a pint of cold Yee-Haw, whether it’s at our taproom or your favorite watering hole. Who knows… they could be building an awesome bike park a ¼ mile from your downtown, or they might just be a rad person and boom – you’ve made a new friend. So cheers to you, Jerry, and Cheers to the Good Times.

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