1. A Classic German Lager

  • The original YEE-HAW brew, now a world champion. Rich, deep and complex, never heavy.

    2. Get Slam Dunkel’d

    • Hints of biscuits, cocoa, caramel and great joy. Scents of yeasty, freshly baked bread.

    3. Share a Dunkel with Your Uncle

    • Not sure you like dark beer? This could be your gateway. Come to the dark side. It’s lighter than you think.
    Yee-Haw Dunkle


    A 2016 World Beer Cup award-winner for European-Style Dark/Muenchner Dunkel, ours nods deferentially to the classic dark, German lager of its forebears, with ~30 IBU and 5.5% ABV.

    5.5% 25-30 IBUs Munich Dunkel

    Availability: Year Round

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    What’s Brewing?

    Dunkel is available all year.

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