Hoppy + Bit Bitter

YEE-HAW! Some folks begin by asking for whatever’s hoppy, and can you blame ‘em? This sucker packs a wallop in your mouth hole. Without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain’t so sweet. This IPA is the best of both coasts, with its West Coast style hop flavors and unfiltered England style look. It packs a bitter punch while still being beautifully balanced. Medium bodied and straw colored, our IPA is true to style with a strong fragrance of citrus and pine.


India Pale Ale




Year Round

IPA Beer Can

Yee-Haw IPA packs a piney punch!

Yee-Haw Brewing’s IPA is an exclamation of hop-forward delight, satisfying the taste buds of aficionados seeking that hoppy punch. This beautifully balanced brew is medium bodied and straw colored, while the robust fragrance of citrus and pine entices the senses.

When it comes to food pairings, this IPA’s bold hop character elevates spicy and sweet dishes to new heights, embraces the char of grilled meats, and pairs harmoniously with the sharpness of various cheeses.

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