Gentle +Fruity

Inspired by the delicate, blonde ales of Cologne, Germany, this soft and eminently drinkable take on the style won’t disappoint. Subtle fruity esters up front give way to a gentle, hoppy and clean finish. This is the beer to have when you want to have more than one. YEE-HAW!






Year Round

Kolsch beer can

Slightly Hoppy, Majorly drinkable

Yee-Haw Kölsch stands out as the top choice for any occasion, embodying the best of both ale and lager worlds. This Kölsch-style beer boasts a unique hybrid of fermenting with ale yeast yet undergoing a lagering process, resulting in a clean, crisp taste that’s both refreshing and light-bodied.

Its balanced flavor profile, combining subtle malt sweetness with a gentle hop bitterness, appeals to a broad range of palates. Whether you’re toasting a celebration or unwinding with friends, the versatile and approachable Yee-Haw Kölsch is the perfect companion for any gathering.

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