Crispy and Chilly

Yee-Haw’s newest winter seasonal brew! When the sun goes down, the chill sets in. Chillbilly IPA is cold fermented to release hop aromatics and flavors with a crisp and clean finish. Refreshing and easy-to-drink, this Cold IPA is perfect for chilling with friends. Relax with Chillbilly.


Cold IPA




November – January

Blackberry Beret beer can

 Not your average winter beer

Embrace the winter chill with Chillbilly IPA, a Cold IPA, winter seasonal that elevates the IPA experience to a new level, perfect for the cozy winter months.

Cold IPAs offer a unique blend of crisp lager-like freshness and the hop-forward profile of an IPA. In the brewing process, a Cold IPA is fermented at colder temperatures similar to lagers, typically employing ale yeast but with a lager-like fermentation process. This cold fermentation results in a cleaner, crisper taste, similar to that of a lager.

The name “Chillbilly” echoes the season, inviting you to relax by the fireplace, watch the snow fall, and enjoy this brew’s clean, hoppy flavors.

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