You've Got Questions,We've Got Answers

Do you Ship Yee-Haw Beer?

Not right now.

Do you Sell Kegs?

We do not sell kegs out of our taprooms. If you live in one of our distribution areas, there are many off-premise retail locations through which you can order a Yee-Haw keg.


You can! Each of our locations offers private event rentals for large or small parties depending on the taproom. Click the link for the taproom you’re interested in booking.

Book An Event at:

Knoxville, TN
Nashville, TN
Greenville, SC

Where can I buy Yee-Haw Beer?

Our beer is currently available in select retail stores in middle and east Tennessee, the western part of Virginia (Abingdon area), and Greenville, SC. You can also purchase to-go beer at our taproom locations.

Are Your Taprooms Dog-Friendly?

Yes, we are dog friendly on our patios and beer gardens.

Can I bring someone under 21 to Yee-Brewing Locations?

You sure can! Our locations are family-friendly with food, non-alcoholic drink options, and activities and games.

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